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TASKING Multi Core Performance Tool


The TASKINGĀ® Multi Core Performance Tool is a cost-effective tool to optimize available processor core bandwidth and improve system performance for embedded software running on a platform with Infineon AURIXTM devices.

The easy integration of the TASKINGĀ® Multi Core Performance Tool into your software development and testing process provides the ability to immediately detect and fix performance problems, resulting in a secure and evenly distributed system load. Desired effects are either a cost reduction for the hardware used or the implementation of additional functions without increasing hardware costs.


  • Precise measurement of the behavior and interaction of software running on an AURIX multi-core device during runtime
  • Points to the tasks and functions which overloads the cores
  • Detects and highlights the time slot when a core overload happens


  • Clear instructions for a safe and evenly distributed system.
  • Display of core load and RTOS analysis results in the GUI.
  • ISO26262 compliance through ASPICE Level 2 tool development process


  • Favourable purchase price.
  • Command line batch mode enables easy deployment into existing software development environments.
  • The use of oversized hardware is excluded, thus reducing system costs.


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