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MDK v5.25

MDK v5.25 introduces support for ULINKplus with its integrated power measurement features.

New: System Analyzer

System Analyzer shows relevant execution information over time in a single window. It displays program events, interrupt execution, data trace, and power consumption (when using ULINKplus).

New: Event Statistics

The Event Statistics window displays execution time and current consumption (when using ULINKplus) between corresponding start and stop events. It provides statistics for average values across a number of executions and captures minimum and maximum time/current events.

Added: Event Recorder debug commands

Event Recorder debug commands now provide event file logging in CVS format, filter setup save/restore, and statistic reset/file logging. Use Event Recorder logging to archive logs from validation runs or compare different logs from different stages of development.

New: Energy Measurement without Debug

Energy Measurement without Debug disables the CoreSight debug hardware for pure power measurement of the target hardware using ULINKplus.

New: Editor Improvements

Dynamic Syntax Checking is extended to grey-out inactive source code in the editor.


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