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Pack Installer

Pack Installer takes care of downloading, installing, updating, and managing the different Software Packs. They can be added any time to MDK Core. This makes new device support and middleware updates independent from the toolchain.

Using Pack Installer, you can choose from devices and boards to get quick access to example projects that can be used as a reference for your own development.

  • Using the Devices tab you can filter for microcontrollers supported by MDK.
  • The Boards tab offers the same functionality to look for development boards.
  • Enter any device or board name in the Search box to quickly find what you are looking for. Remove all filtering using the X next to it.
  • The Packs tab shows supporting Software Packs depending on the device/board selection. Install an appropriate Pack version using either the latest one or using a Previous version.
  • The Examples tab shows ready-to-run projects that can be used for setting up your own application.
  • Use the Check for Updates button and observe update messages in the Output window.
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