Building a safe and secure embedded world

Flasher Secure

Flasher Secure is a flash programming system securing mass production at contract manufacturers and similar environments. It provides full control over the process and limits the risks of IP theft and overproduction.


  • Authenticated production
  • Production volume control
  • CM administration and setup portal
  • Ultra fast programming
  • Supports Cortex-M/R/A, RX, PPC
  • Prevents production of counterfeit units
  • No overhead in programming time


Secured Production at Contract Manufacturers

Working with a contract manufacturer (CM) is common practice for mass production. But CMs have access to the customer‘s IP and to other components they need to program the firmware into the microcontroller. For this reason it is essential that owners of the original IP control their IP and the production volume. To prevent counterfeit devices, Flasher Secure reads out a unique ID from the device and sends it to a trusted server that is under physical control of the IP owner. This server validates the ID and generates a cryptographic signature.

End-to-End Security

Flasher Secure supports vendor-specific trusted firmware features to ensure end-to-end encryption, authentication and confidentiality covering the whole process.

Secured Firmware

Modern devices are equipped with a lot of intellectual property (IP). To protect this property, Flasher Secure uses authentication algorithms to make sure, that only authorized bootloaders and firmware are used. In case that one component is not genuine, the device will stop working. This prevents unauthorized copying of firmware and/or bootloaders.

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