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SPEED FLASH Production Programmer

SPEED FLASH is a proven universal production programmer. The system was designed to be easily configurable for the programming of different targets. A wide range of interfacing techniques to different targets can be used, depending on the requirements of the sensor or microcontroller to be programmed.

SPEED FLASH at a glance

The system is easily configurable and controllable by the Graphical User Interface (GUI). The control API allows easy integration into the production environment.

  • Robust universal production programmer
  • SPEED FLASH integrates directly in your production environment
  • All registers and memories can be accessed in read and write mode
  • Optional on-site implementation and integration services
  • Optional safety assessment according to target standard


SPEED FLASH Graphic User Interface (GUI)

The easy-to-use GUI is supplied with the system and can be used to control the SPEED FLASH programming operation as well as managing the programming results.

The SPEED FLASH GUI allows  accurate and precise control of programming, measuring and validating the devices.

SPEED FLASH versions

For different devices several versions of SPEED FLASH are available or planned.
An optional upgrade also enables switching between them.

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