Building a safe and secure embedded world

uLoadXL Product Family

Portable ANSI C software update installer and secure boot loader.

Installing software updates by web, serial port or removable flash drive?  Images can now be securely distributed and managed.  Encrypted files are protected in case the file or removable media is lost, stolen or hacked.  The uLoadXL Product Family includes advanced software updates and secure boot loader for embedded platforms.  uLoadXL can be used for safe install,  to manage multiple images for an update, activation and safe-boot to rollback  or factory version.  The integrated boot loader provides secure root of trust and software integrity checks.

    Free or low cost boot loaders and flash utilities, such as USB DFU flash burners, have limited functionality, do not implement multiple image management, and lack a security model.  The uLoadXL SDK delivers advanced features including multiple image management, robust image encryption and integrity checks, and system error recovery features.   Images can be installed from network, serial, and local USB or SD flash drives.  uLoadXL includes a command line toolkit or Windows GUI for image management, processing and encryption, and firmware push to the target.

    The uLoadXL SDK controls software updates and distribution, authenticates genuine origin, and blocks malware installs in SCADA, POS terminals, industrial controllers, and anytime software updates are used. Secure images can be transferred by email, file copy, local USB, SD flash drives, serial port, LAN/WAN network.   The security model encrypts images with a managed security header.  Images can be decrypted during the installation, or during the boot loading stage.  uLoadXL delivers maximum defense against reverse engineering, cloning and intrusion.


    • Process software image with toolkit supported on command line, Windows GUI and MacOSX
    • MCU and FPGA image file management, hash signing, authentication and encryption.
    • Use standard toolchain to compile and link  software images. Supports IAR, Keil, GCC and all other toolchains.
    • Secure activation code protected distribution of embedded product.
    • Image installation and rollback
    • Flexible, easy to use and extensible design can be customized for OEM design.
    • Optional support  for hardware root of trust Secure Element for key material and anti-cloning


    uLoadXL+ adds hardware based Secure Element at a mass-market value point.  The uLoadXL+ solution includes secure element SE profile provisioning, and software update management tools, expanding software lifecycle support from manufacturing through production, and long tail product field support stages.  With out of box support for the STSAFE secure element, uLoadXL+ is ready to meet GDPR and UL2900-X/ANSI industry standards and regulation for electronic data privacy and PII safety.  The secure element offloads key material, crypto operations, and secure block data storage in a credit card grade, tamper-proof, discrete IC, at commodity pricing.  A fully integrated solution, uLoadXL+ includes offline Windows Software Management and SE profile provisioning station applications.

    Applications and Benefits

    • Prevent product tampering and reverse engineering
    • Block counterfeiting and over-production
    • Safe software install prevents malware injection
    • Run-time defense against hacked image
    • Enhance product reliability, availability and safety
    • Manage multiple images
    • Field unlock product options and features
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