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FeaturesVehicle Spy ProfessionalVehicle Spy BasicVehicle Spy Trial
Snapshot Diagnosticsyesyesno
Multiple Hardware Supportyesyesno
Message Monitoryesyesyes (1 message)
Realtime Signal Plotting/Graphicsyesyesyes (5 signals)
Logging/Capture data filesyesyesyes
Post Analysisyesyesyes
SupportPrimary Priority, Phone, Email and WebPrimary Priority, Phone, Email and WebOnline Videos
TrainingIncluded/On-site When Possible, Online VideosOnline VideosOnline Videos
CAN Message Monitoringyesyesyes
LIN Message Monitoringyesyesno
CAN Message Transmit (Tx Panel)yesyesno
CAN Message Generator (Tx Panel)yesyseno
neoVI FIRE/RED Embedded Dataloggingyesyesno
ISO15765-2 Long Message Tx/Rxyesyesno
J1939 BAM Long Message Tx/Rxyesyesno
CAN Bus Simulationyesnono
LIN Master Node Simulationyesnono
LIN Slave Node Simulationyesnono
Function Blocks (Playback)yesyes (maximum of 1)no
Function Blocks (Capture)yesyes (maximum of 1)no
Function Blocks (Skript)yesnono
Message Database SupportVS3, DBC, UEF, LDF, ODX, ODIVS3, DBC, LDFno
CCP/XCP Calibrationyesnono
ASAP2 Editor/Generatoryesnono
Java Scripting Environmentyesnono
Diagnostic Toolsyesnono
Intrepid Analog Inputyesnono
ECU Flashyesnono
Graphical Panelsyesnono
Application Signal Variablesyesnono
Configurable Diagnosticsyesnono
Test Controlleryesnono
Test Recorderyesnono
J1939 DTC Monitor/Simulatoryesnono
J1939 Address Claim Viewyesnono
GMLAN Virtual Networks Viewyesnono
GMLAN CGI Busyesnono
Software Upgrades12 months of free upgrades12 months of free upgradesno
API for remote controlyesnono


Detailed Breakdown

General FeaturesVehicle Spy ProfessionalVehicle Spy Basic
CAN Channelsmultmult
LIN Channelsmultmult
I2C Channelsmultmult
SPI Channelsmultmult
MOST Channelsnonenone
FlexRay (future)futurefuture
DBC Databasesmultmult
LDF Databasesmultmult
FIBEX Databases (future)futurefuture
Interactive Messages Editoryesyes
LIN File Editor (LDF)yesyes
LIN File Editoryesyes
LIN Scheduleyesnone
LIN Network (Message View)yesyes
J1939 Transportyesyes
J1939 CTS/RTSyesnone
RP1210 (for all Intrepid Hardware)yesyes
J2534 (for all Intrepid Hardware)yesyes
Customer Unique Protocols upon requestyesyes
Analysis and SimulationVehicle Spy ProVehicle Spy Basic
Measurement Setup (signal groups)yesyes
Measurement Setup Import/Exportyesyes
Messages Viewyesyes
Networks Viewyesyes
Data Analysis (histogram, Bus timing)yesyes
Capture Function Blockyes1
Data Loggingyesyes
Signals View/Data Analysisyesyes
Transmit Messages/Signalsyesyes
Transmit Messages/Signals (CAN, LIN)yesyes
ECU Simulation (CAN, LIN, K-Line)yesnone
Network Filteryesyes
Offline Modeyesyes
Data Export (*.DAT, *.MAT, *.CSV)yesyes
ProgrammingVehicle Spy ProVehicle Spy Basic
Function Blocks/C-Code Interfaceyesnone
Function Blocks/C-Code Executionyesnone
Function Blocks/C-Code Debuggingyesnone
Non-Text scipting (Function Blocks)yesnone
Transmitting, Graphical Panels, Control PanelsVehicle Spy ProVehicle Spy Basic
Transmit Panelyesyes
Graphical Panel Creationyesnone
Graphical Panel Executionyesnone
Control Panel Creationyesnone
Control Panel Executiomyesnone
Flash Panel Elementsyesnone
Simulation and ModelingVehicle Spy ProVehicle Spy Basic
Application Signal Definitionyesnone
Application Signal Accessyesnone
ECU Simulationyesnone
TestVehicle Spy ProVehicle Spy Basic
Function Block Testsyesnone
Function Block/Diagnostic Test Executionyesnone
Test Report Saveyesnone
DiagnosticsVehicle Spy ProVehicle Spy Basic
Diagnostic Jobs/Snapshotyesnone
Function Block Diagnostics/C-Code Diagyesnone
KWP2000, GMLANyesnone
UDS/ISO14229yesyes with messages
J1939 Diagnosticsyesnone
1 Click DiagnosticsVehicle Spy ProVehicle Spy Basic
Snapshot (vehicle diagnostics)yesnone
Snapshot Automatic DAQ measurementyesnone
ExtensionsVehicle Spy ProVehicle Spy Basic
Measurement Hardwareyesyes
Text APIyesnone
Text API (Matlab)yesnone
GPS Supportextra costextra cost
CalibrationVehicle Spy ProVehicle Spy Basic
A2L (ASAP2) Editor/Creatoryesnone
A2L MEASUREMENT supportyesnone
A2L VALUE Supportyesnone
A2L CURVE Supportyesnone
A2L MAP Supportyesnone
Running Point Support (future, upon request)requestnone
Stand-alone datalogger Supportyes with neoVInone
Event DAQingyesnone
Polling DAQingyesnone
Calibration Download/Uploadyesnone
CAL/SW Flashing (upon request)requestnone
Scripting Support of CCP/XCPyesnone
Graphical Panel with CCP/XCP and CAN Txyesnone
Simulink Model Browser (CCP/XCP)requestnone
Training & SupportVehicle Spy ProVehicle Spy Basic
SupportPrimary Priority, Phone, Email and WebSecondary Priority, Phone, Email and Web
TrainingIncluded/On-site When Possible, Online VideosOnline Videos


yes/r = only run-time support

mult = multiple instances available

none = not available

1 = one instance available

Note: All information provided herein is believed to be accurate at the time of creation. No warranties either expressed or implied are given regarding this information.


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