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All in One Tool for Vehicle Bus Analysis, Stand-Alone Data Logging, and Remote Data Logging

The neoVI ION marries the best of vehicle network tools with the Android embedded operating system. The result is a solution unparalleled in capability.

neoVI ION supports (all GM Global B networks):

  • 6x Dual Wire CAN
  • 1x Single Wire CA>N
  • 5x LIN
  •  FlexRay (optional)
  • MOST (optional)
  • Upgradeable to CAN FD
  • Upgradeable to Automotive Ethernet

Key Features:

  • Vehicle Interface to USB Tool with Vehicle Spy Support - just like the neoVI FIRE!
  • Full Stand-Alone Data Logging Functionality
  • Remote and Wireless Stand-Alone Data Logging Capability
  • HD Video Recording
    • Support for up to 8 HD cameras at 720p; Up to 30fps
    • Capture HD video in high & low light situations
    • Dash and instrument cluster monitoring
    • Active safety testing, lane departure, adaptive cruise control, back up camera testing, etc.
    • Visualize real-world environment
    • All data time aligned and uploaded to Wireless neoVI
  • Support for CAN FD & Automotive Ethernet

Connect with neoVI ION:

neoVI ION is Part of Intrepid's Total Solution for Data Logging

  • neoVI ION
    Wireless, GSM, data collection, compression, offload, analysis, heads up display, driver logging system.
  • Wireless neoVI
    Data repository, remote configuration and monitoring, fleet management, runs on a server or local PC. Fully scalable.
  • Vehicle Spy Software
    Data logging and real-time signal monitoring combined with post-analysis features. Complete data acquisition and analysis tool.
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