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Manage the I²C Bus successfully with the right tools

I²C technology

I²C is based on a master-slave hierarchy. Mulitple masters are possible (multimaster mode). The bus arbitration is defined in the I²C- specification. The current valid version is  version 03 from 2007, which has introduced a very fast mode (Fast-mode Plus) with up to 1 Mbit/s. This is downward compatible to the highspeed-mode with up to 100 kbit/s or 400 kbit/s Modi.

The use of the I²C Bus

The I²C Bus is a time-proven, industry standard, communication protocol used in a wide variety of electronic products. Its low cost and powerful features make I²C ideal for low to medium speed chip-to-chip communications. I²C is supported by a large and growing number of semiconductor and system manufacturers. These companies offer a variety of electronic devices, including memories, input and output devices, sensors of many types, real-time clocks, displays, data entry devices, and much more. I²C also has gained importance in chip cards. I²C is an effective technology that can lower product costs and increase product performance.

I²C Tools

No matter which I²C solution you want to implement, Hitex offers the tight tool for the I²C-Analysis. You can find a complete overview on our I²C portfolio in our web shop.

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