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The I2CStick is the personal, powerful and pocket-size I2C Bus Host Adapter. Available in 5 volt or 3.3 volt configurations, the I2CStick is the perfect on-the-go addition to your I2C Bus toolkit. With its simple ASCII text command and Virtual RS-232 Communications Port interface, the I2CStick is designed to work with any Windows based PC.

The I2CStick used as slave device can respond to a user selected slave address and the I2C General Call address (0x00). As a master, the I2CStick supports multi-master operations, arbitration detection, and clock-stretching by a slave device. Enhanced features include I2C Bus mastering at 23, 86, 100, or 400 kHz Bit Rates, 12 Mbit/second USB interface speeds, USB bus-powered with optional power for I2C Bus devices, eXtended commands for low-level access to I2C signals making it compatible with many "I2C-like" devices and Packet Error Check detection for SMBus, PMBus, and other derived protocols.

The I2CStick includes two (2) free Windows applications (Message Manager and Message Center) that help you get started sending and receiving I2C Bus messages quickly. You can also use terminal emulation software like Windows Hyperterminal, or write your own custom program in Microsoft VB, VB.NET, C, C++, C++.NET, C#, Delphi Pascal, National Instrument LabVIEW, and more. We even provide free Sample Programs to help you get started, and our free iBurner I2C Bus EEPROM Programming software.

Custom Programming: The I2CStick provides an ASCII command and Virtual RS-232 Communications Port interface to a Windows host computer. An application program sends simple ASCII text commands out the virtual RS-232 serial port to set up the adapter and send or receive I2C Bus messages. Because the I2CStick includes a virtual RS-232 interface, it is backward compatible with software applications written for our iPort/AI, iPort/AFM or iPort/USB host adapters. LabVIEW developers can take advantage of our Virtual Instrument Driver Library. Microsoft.NET developers can use our free .NET Class Library.

Recommendation: We recommend our I2CStick for mobile developers, consultants, technicians, and field-service personnel. The I2CStick includes extensive ESD and Over/Reverse Voltage protection to help keep your PC safe.

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