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Run TESSY Tests

Run TESSY Tests without user interaction

TESSY can run tests for several contiguous test objects. This discharges the user from manual work. If desired, all existing test cases for all existing test objects can be run automated. This feature is accessible from the Tessy main menu Tools > Batch Test.

Interactive preparations:

  • Defining a set of test objects
  • Specifying options, e.g. if coverage measurement is desired
  • Specifying the test report format
  • Saving the above information to a file (TBS file).

Non-interactive execution (batch test):

  • You may start contiguous execution of all tests in a TBS file from the command line. This enables easy overnight testing.

Interactive execution:

  • You may also start contiguous execution of all tests in a TBS file interactively from within TESSY. This automates manual test execution and saves a lot of work.

Depending on the report format chosen, the contents of the batch test report differ:

  • Batch test report in HTML format
  • Batch test report in PDF format
  • Batch test report in Word format
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