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Development Assistant for C

Development Assistant for C (DAC) is an integrated development environment (IDE) supporting the development and maintenance of embedded software written in the C and assembler language and supports the most important activities in softwaer development process. Because DAC supports the development and maintenance of software as a whole, DAC is a tool which works above the software project.

Some of the basic DAC features are:

  • Source Editor with Code Structure Highlighting
  • ANSI-C Flowchart
  • Symbol Browser
  • Call-Hierarchy and Data Flow Graph
  • Type-Hierarchy Graph
  • Project Explorer
  • Software Metrics Calculator 
  • Project Documentation Generator
  • Naming Convention Checker and MISRA-C Compliance Checker,

DAC supports a wide range of compilers and assemblers of well-known manufacturers. Via its plug-in system, DAC supports a number of debuggers, version control systems, as well as project-importers with the help of which it is easy to move from another environment to DAC or work on a parallel with it.

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