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Expertise provides ideas

System engineering with experience

Systems Engineering

Our systems engineering expertise provides the ideas to solve the problems that a customer faces. For example, if a customer wants to update a system with a USB stick, we have to determine which hardware and software should be used and how updates are made secure and up-to-date.

For ultra low power we have to decide which components to use, with which power modes and how the partitioning between hardware and software is achieved to minimise the power consumption.

The Hitex engineering team has many years of experience with microcontrollers, communications components and ultra low power design from a wide range of customer projects. This enables us to find the best solutions with a combination of engineering and software components such as communications stacks and real time operating systems (RTOS) to ensure that the design is optimised across the whole system.

For these projects we deliver a system concept, defining the system and a rough estimation of the bill of materials (BoM), as well as providing rapid protoyping and evaluation boards for the customer to carry out their own feasibility studies.