TESSY: supported development tools

Below you can find details on which development tools can be used with TESSY. You can get an overview of all combinations of compilers and debuggers / simulators / emulators that can be used with TESSY. The following information is provided by Razorcat Development GmbH,  the supplier of TESSY.

Unit Test Training

Format: Online-Schulung
Dauer: 5 Tage, jeweils von 8:30 Uhr – 13 Uhr.
Kurssprache: Deutsch (Präsentationsfolien auf Englisch)
Preis: 1,980.00 EUR (Frühbucher-Rabatt 100,- EUR)

A Unit-Test online training in English will be held from April 22 - 26, 2024.


YouTube playlist: "Software testing with TESSY"

You can find a large selection of webinar videos on TESSY on our YouTube channel. From an initial overview to special functions, our software test specialists will explain everything you need to know about unit and module testing.

Hitex Youtube channel: TESSY playlist

The "TESSY Playlist" comprises a total of 17 videos. Even the older videos are still up to date when it comes to describing and explaining TESSY features!