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TESSY and standards

TESSY can be used to get the certification for your product according to standards like IEC 61508, ISO 26262, EN 50128/50129, DO-178B/C, Automotive SPiCE, or the General Principles of Software Validation by the FDA.

General TESSY features important to get a certification:

  • TESSY tests modules / units / components -> applicable for different standards
  • TESSY's temporal component test feature is well-suited for software integration testing
  • TESSY tests are functional (specification based) and black-box
  • TESSY can test using the actual hardware -> high relevance of the tests
  • TESSY executes the test object -> TESSY tests are dynamic
  • TESSY determines coverage measures -> TESSY performs structure-based testing also known as white-box testing
  • TESSY can repeat tests without user interaction -> ideal for regression testing
  • TESSY can easily adapt tests to changed test objects -> ideal for regression testing
  • TESSY documents test results also in PDF format -> ideal for printing
  • TESSY is integrated with the Classification Tree Editor, which enables test case specification according to the Classification Tree Method -> TESSY includes a test planning component
  • TESSY Tool Qualification is supported
  • User reports about successful certification projects with TESSY exist