Hitex in Karlsruhe

A Story of Embedded Experience and Innovation

Our story of embedded experience and innovation started almost 50 years ago. It all began with the development of a word processing system: Siemens AG quickly understood the potential of this development and joined as a partner.

1976 was the birthing year of Hitex Development Tools GmbH, as the company was named at that time. Hitex continously expanded it's area of work and began to develop operating systems and compilers for control and automation systems. With the first hardware activities on the way the first in-circuit emulators were born.

On Hannover Exhibition 1983 Hitex presented the first PC-based emulation solution the teletest Z80 and teletest 8085. Many succesful years for in-circuit emulators from Hitex followed - always in regard of the most important architectures of the time.

In 1997, Hitex took over Kontron Elektronik‘s development tools division, which paved the way for ASIC technology.

With the modular test and analysis tool Tanto Hitex delivered another milestone in 2001.

Hitex Tanto - modular in-circuit emulator
Tanto, modular In-circuit emulator (2001)

Since 2002 Hitex is the successful distributor for TESSY, a software test tool for the module and unit test.

In 2003 Hitex was bought by Infineon Technologies AG. This led to a changing market environment with a focus on tool support for Arm and Infineon Microcontroller.

The history continues

Embedded Awards

With over 50,000 units sold the STM32PerformanceStick for application and evaluation won the embedded world award in 2008.

Followed by embedded world award in 2010 for Hitex' PowerScale, a tool for energy profiling and optimisation during software development of embedded applications.

And 2011 for the SafeTkit, as an easy introduction to the Infineon PRO-SIL concept.

The latest Embedded Award coup, 2019 for the Hitex SafeTpack, is described below!

To ensure qualified consulting in Infineon AURIX™ projects, Hitex became Preferred Design House of Infineon in 2014 with the goal to assist customers with the implementation of safety and security into projects. Additionally Hitex has been awarded Preferred Design House for Infineon's TRAVEO™, Emb​​​edded Power™ and ​XMC​™.

With over 40 years of experience Hitex was honored with another embedded world award in 2019 for the Hitex SafeTpack. This safety solution for the microcontrollers of the AURIX™ TC3xx architecture from Infineon facilitates the implementation of safety requirements with AURIX and provides a quick and easy way to ISO 26262 or IEC 61508 certification.

Hitex is a leading supplier of innovative and reliable tools for embedded engineers. Hitex also offers consulting expertise for customers in all phases of development projects, from concept to system realisation.

Also in the future, Hitex will continue to contribute to build a safe and secure embedded world with its rich portfolio of knowledge.