Designing secure systems

This course covers the Arm Platform Security Architecture (PSA) and cryptographic primitives from the mbedTLS library. Public and private keys, digital signatures and certificates are also handled using the example of mbedTLS with MQTT. Another focus of the training is the Arm Trusted Firmware and the Arm TrustZone, which includes Secure Boot as part of the Root of Trust.

Designing secure microcontroller systems

What is it about?

Introduction to developing secure microcontroller systems with the Mbed-TLS cryptographic library. You will learn how the functions of the Cortex-M processor can be used to implement a secure system. The seminar is designed as a hands-on course using the Microcontroller Development Kit (MDK).

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Included in training:

  • MDK-Arm-Professional (30 days full license)
  • Evaluation Board LPC55S69-EVK with Cortex M33
  • WiFi Daughter Board MIKROE-2542
  • All seminar documents and examples for self-training/further practice
  • The training includes a 2-hours precourse for the software setup approx. one week prior to the training.

Training contents:

1) Platform Security Architecture and Cryptography

  • Overview of Arm Platform Security Architecture
  • Introduction to essential cryptographic primitives using the open source mbedTLS library
  • Symmetrical Ciphers
  • Hashing Algorithms
  • Message Authentication Codes
  • Random Number Generation

2) Secure communications        

  • Public Key Cryptography: RSA,DH, Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Digital Signatures
  • Public Key Infrastructure: Man in the middle attack, X.509 Certificates, Transport Layer Security
  • IoT message protocols: MQTT, JSON, CBOR

3) Trust Zone and security Architecture                                                                                  

  • Software attacks
  • PSA security Model
  • ARMv8-M Trust Zone and Memory Protection Unit
  • CMSIS-Zone
  • NXP LPC56S69 Trusted Execution Environment

4) PSA Trusted Firmware      

  • Trusted Firmware Secure Processing Environment
  • Trusted Firmware Security Services
  • Secure Boot and “Updatable Root of Trust”

Technical Requirements:

  • Installation and licensing of the MDK-Professional before training (in our precourse)
  • Basic knowledge of programming embedded systems under C
  • We recommend: Two monitors, one for your own work and a second that shows the training contents in parallel