Programming solutions for development, service and maintenance


Programming of Embedded Applications

Hitex offers a variety of programming solutions for development, service and maintenance. Whereas all development tools offered by Hitex already include a performant feature to program on-chip flash, the programming tools for service and maintenance offer a simple and easy to use possibility to make updates or modifications of flash contents in the field.

  • Production programmers from SEGGER
  • Production programmers from DTS INSIGHT (formerly Yokogawa Digital Corp.)
DTS INSIGHT Production Programmer

DTS INSIGHT Production Programmer

The NETIMPRESS production progammer series offers fast and reliable programming of systems. It can be easily integrated into existing production lines. For detailed information and quotation please contact our sales team!

NETIMPRESS production progammer
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SEGGER professional in-circuit programmers

Segger Flasher

SEGGER Flashers are a family of professional in-circuit programmers, designed to be used in service environments and prototype programming. They program the flash memory of microcontrollers and SoCs as well as attached SPI-flashes.

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