RTOS for Middleware on Cortex-M

Our training course provides a comprehensive introduction to the use of the lean RTX v5 real-time operating system in conjunction with Cortex-M microcontrollers and the MDK professional development software. Our experienced instructors will show you how to develop sophisticated applications that meet the highest performance and real-time requirements. Learn how to successfully integrate RTX v5 into your projects to achieve optimal results in embedded system development.

Training RTOS and Middleware for Cortex-M

What is it about?

Introduction to the lean Real Time Operating System (RTOS) RTX v5 on a Cortex-M microcontroller. Throughout the training we will use the CMSIS-RTOS 2 API, which is designed to be the standard software interface for RTOS on Cortex-M.

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RTOS for Middleware for Cortex-M

Format: online training
Duration: 2 days, from 9:00 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Language of instruction: German (presentation slides in English)
Costs: 650.00 EUR (early bird discount 100 EUR)


Included in training:

  • MDK-Professional (30-day full license)
  • All seminar documents and examples for self-training/further practice

The content of the five thematic blocks of this training builds on each other and provides a compact insight into the subject matter and its implications.

Training contents:

1) RTOS Concepts and CMSIS-RTOS 2 API

  • Basic RTOS concepts
  • Thread-based design and prioritization, context switching and RTOS kernel
  • CMSIS (Cortex Mirocontroller Software Interface Standard) and CMSIS-RTOS API 2 specification
  • RTOS in Cortex-based microcontrollers

2) Getting Started

  • Setup, configuration and debug in the simulator

3) Deployment

  • Thread and timing management
  • Thread flags and interrupt handling
  • Semaphore and Mutex
  • Message queues
  • Idle task and power management
  • RTOS errors and error handling
  • RTX v5 configuration

4) RTOS Techniques

  • Real-time or event-driven code
  • Techniques for Software Testing
  • Advanced power management and integration of the watchdog

5) Design study

  • Recommendations and tips for a successful RTOS implementation
  • Study of different designs

Technical Requirements:

  • Laptop for practical exercises
  • Installation and licensing of the MDK-Professional before training (with our manual)
  • Basic knowledge of programming embedded systems under C
  • We recommend: Two monitors, one for your own work and a second that shows the training contents in parallel


We recommend that you first attend our "Keil MDK for Cortex-M" training. This way you are perfectly prepared for the contents of this training.

You only want to participate in our "RTOS for Middleware on Cortex-M? Please contact us.