Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing

Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing is a specialized and powerful technique used in the field of engineering and development to validate and verify complex hardware systems. It involves the integration of real hardware components with a simulation environment, allowing for comprehensive testing of the hardware's functionality, performance, and interactions in a controlled and repeatable manner.

HIL Systems Testing

Advantages of HIL testing

HIL testing in embedded systems enables early problem detection, reduces time-to-market and costs, improves test quality, and ensures safety and compliance.

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In various industries such as automotive, aerospace, robotics, and industrial automation, complex systems often rely on the interaction between physical hardware and software algorithms. HIL testing provides a means to evaluate and validate these systems by simulating real-world operating conditions while using actual hardware components.

HIL testing offers several advantages over traditional testing approaches. It enables engineers to assess the behavior of complex systems in a controlled and repeatable manner, even before the physical hardware is fully developed. By using virtual representations of external elements, HIL testing allows for testing in diverse environments and scenarios that may be challenging or costly to reproduce physically. Furthermore, HIL testing allows for comprehensive and exhaustive testing of the hardware system, enabling engineers to identify and resolve issues early in the development process. HIL testing also provides a safe environment to evaluate the performance of safety-critical systems without the risk of potential failures causing harm or damage.

Run the HIL tests yourself

You prefer to perform the HIL tests yourself? We have the right test tool: miniHIL. So you can efficiently test your embedded systems yourself with HIL simulation. Hitex will gladly design appropriate test adapters and software test routines for the use of miniHIL in your test environment.

What Hitex can do for you

Effective testing is an essential part of embedded software development. At Hitex, we provide high quality Hardware in the Loop testing services that contribute to a safe and secure embedded world. Our HIL testing service covers the entire embedded product development process, whether you need help with a sub-project or a complete project. Leverage our team of highly skilled developers to ensure the highest level of testing processes.

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