Arm Safety Libraries

Arm Software Test libraries (STL) complement Arm’s functional safety technology which supports systematic capability for ISO26262 ASIL D.

Faster Safety Compliance with Arm STL

STLs are efficient assembly language routines that test for the presence of faults when executing on Arm-based processors at startup and during run time. A single straightforward C language application programmer interface (API) lets developers quickly and easily scale test functions across multiple CPU systems.

Arm Selftest Library Overview

Built in Self Test Capabilities

  • Fault detection and control at start-up and during run-time
  • Coverage of random faults (permanent, latent etc.)
  • Memory BIST feature for testing at start-up or on-line during processor operation
  • Software Test Library developed by Arm, with hardware support

Software Test Libraries (STL)

Most optimized STLs for Arm cores offer the best-in-class diagnostic coverage:

  • Complements the industry’s broadest safety CPU portfolio
  • Software functions that provide additional diagnostic capabilities
  • Cover processor functional logic
  • Simplified Architecture
  • ASIL-D/SIL-3 systematic development process
  • Provide processor fault detection at key-on/run time​
  • Usable in Dual Core Lockstep implementation ​

Benefits of Software Test Library

  • An enabling technology for ASIL B (ISO26262)/SIL2(IEC61508) designs
    Provides strong contribution for diagnostic coverage of processor permanent single point faults
  • Can be used during key-on in an ASIL D design
    Potentially stimulate HW faults that haven’t been stimulated by existing code
  • 3rd Party FuSa Assessed safety mechanism
    Safety collateral available for incorporating the STLs directly into the safety application
  • Cost effective safety solution
    Low area impact Reduced cost on die-size
  • Less intrusive safety solution than LBIST
    STL enable concurrent application execution and testing
    STL can run diagnostics within a required known FTTI
  • Provides diagnostic testing in medical/rail/avionics markets as well

Download the white paper "State of the Art Software Test Libraries (STL) and ASIL B: Truths, Myths, and Guidance" and learn more about the Arm software test libraries!