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Portrait Frank Jankowiak

Mr Frank Jankowiak

Head of Sales

Frank is our expert for all your certification and standards needs. You can be sure that he will be able to help you - or find the right person for you.

Michael Weiss Portrait

Mr Michael Weiss

Senior Account Manager

Michael is your contact for AURIX, functional safety for ISO 26262, IEC 61508, ISO 13849, CENELEC, battery management, miniHil, self-test libraries, consulting & engineering services, test services, embedded security, PDH (Preferred Design House) services.

Portrait Oliver Dengiz

Mr Oliver Dengiz

Account Manager

Do you have questions about MCAL and selftest libraries for TRAVEO and PSoC, Arm Cortex, debugger, SafeTpack, AURIX tools, embedded security, energy efficiency, embedded power, RTOS or compilers? Oliver is happy to help you.

Portrait Oliver Güth

Mr Oliver Güth

Account Manager

Oliver is dedicated to providing expert assistance and support in all matters related to test tools, especially testing with TESSY and static code analysis with TrustInSoft. Do not hesitate to give him a call!

Portrait Nicole Henschelmann

Ms Nicole Henschelmann

Account Manager

Please feel free to reach out to Nicole for any inquiries related to SafeTpack, AURIX tools, MCAL and selftest library for TRAVEO and PSoC, debugger, embedded security, RTOS, compiler, and AURIX adapter.

Portrait Alexander Hess

Mr Alexander Hess

Account Manager

Alexander is dedicated to helping you with any questions or concerns regarding Arm Cortex, Arm development tools, communication stacks, development tools, or programmers.

Portrait Dustin Kaleta

Mr Dustin Kaleta

Account Manager

Dustin is your go-to person for anything related to Arm Cortex, programmers, testing, development tools, middleware, AURIX  adapters, or the Moteon trace box.


Portrait Tejas Kulkarni

Mr Tejas Kulkarni

Technical Sales Engineer
+49 721 9628 159

With a wide range of manufacturing services available, you can rest assured that you are in good hands when you contact Tejas.

Portrait Andres Richter

Mr Andres Richter

Management Trainings

Want to know more? About functional safety, how to perform unit testing, or how to use Keil MDK? Book our trainings! Andres is the man behind all our trainings.

Portrait Anna Brotzer

Ms Anna Brotzer

Press contact

Would you like to write about Hitex? Do you need background information on safety and security or would you like to interview one of our executives? Contact Anna, she knows the right people.

Portrait Corinna Steinhauer

Ms Corinna Steinhauer

HR and Office Management

Corinna is here for all your company related questions - and to support you in navigating the job application process and addressing any HR-related queries you may have.