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Hitex is a leading provider of embedded software solutions with a focus on functional safety, embedded security and microcontroller technology. Serving industries as diverse as automotive, industrial automation, and medical devices, we tailor high-quality software solutions to meet industry-specific standards. Committed to safety compliance, we adhere to ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 and TISAX® specifications to ensure reliable and safe software operation.

As the preferred design house for several leading microcontroller architectures, including AURIX™ and Arm-based technologies, we deliver optimized solutions in collaboration with industry leaders such as Infineon. Our key products, such as SafeTpack, TESSY and software components, enable efficient development and seamless integration into the target hardware environment, improving system performance and reliability. In this way, we help our customers to excel in socially and economically relevant technology areas such as energy efficiency, e-mobility and standards compliance. With specialized support and comprehensive solutions, we address the specific challenges and opportunities in these critical areas, ensuring that our customers have the most advanced and reliable technology solutions.


Our focus industries

Hitex specializes in automotive, industrial, medical, railway, and other industries, offering tailored solutions to address the unique challenges and requirements of each sector. Our proven track records make us the preferred choice for addressing complex technology demands across various sectors.

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Our focus topics

Our expertise spans a wide range of topics that are vital to the success of embedded technology solutions. It encompasses critical topics such as functional safety, embedded security, energy efficiency, e-mobility, and standards compliance, providing specialized support and comprehensive solutions for these essential areas.

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Microcontroller: Preferred design house

Hitex is a leading expert in microcontroller technologies, offering specialized support for AURIX, Arm Cortex, TRAVEO II, PSoC, and embedded power solutions, enabling superior performance, reliability, and innovation in automotive, industrial, and consumer applications.

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Key products

Our key products

Hitex's key products, including the SafeTpack safety manager, TESSY testing tool, Arm development tools, and MCAL and complex drivers, cater to crucial aspects of embedded systems development and validation, ensuring robust safety architectures, efficient software testing, and seamless integration.

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