SIL2 Certification

SIL2 Certification

What is it about?

Software testing for a safety-critical system for use in working mines completed by Hitex. Due to the safety-related functionality, the system required IEC 61508, Safety Integrity Level 2 certification.

TESSY was essential to get the 61508 certification on time.

Dr. Wolfgang Lüder, Becker Mining Systems.

Becker Mining Systems

Becker Mining Systems was founded in 1964, and has its headquarters in Friedrichsthal, Germany. With more than 1100 employees worldwide, total annual sales of Becker Mining Systems are well above about 160 million Euros. Becker Mining Systems produce a range of automation, transport, communication and energy distribution systems for use within the mining industry.

Becker Mining Systems is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2000 and ATEX.

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