AURIX SafeTpack Safety Manager

With the Hitex SafeTpack you bring functional safety into your AURIX project. Proven in countless customer projects and implemented quickly and successfully with Hitex expertise - consulting and training.

Safety solution for AURIX™

The Hitex SafeTpack is a safety solution for the AURIX™ Infineon microcontroller family, second generation. It covers most safety use cases for applications according to ASIL A to ASIL D. As its name suggests, the AURIX TC3xx SafeTpack safety manager is equipped with everything you need for your application.

Hitex created this safety manager as a shortcut to implementing the most common  AURIX™ safety manual requirements. SafeTpack is PRO-SIL™ ready and provides a rapid way to achieve ISO 26262 certification for safety applications using AURIX™, all in a timely and cost-efficient manner.


Why do I need a SafeTpack?

For safety-critical projects you must make sure that all applications are developed according to the relevant safety standards (e.g. ISO 26262). The AURIX safety manual contains a list of necessary internal safety mechanisms (SM) and also external safety mechanisms (ESM) for every use case.

Congratulations for the Embedded Award 2019 in the category "Software". The Hitex SafeTpack is definitely a proof of competence and will help our customers to succeed faster with AURIX and further increase our market success ...

Dr. Reinhard Ploss (CEO Infineon Technologies AG)

To implement the necessary safety measure, qualified source code is required. There are 2 options here. The first option is to write your own code. The second however, is much more efficient and will save both time and money: The Hitex SafeTpack!

What does the SafeTpack offer?

  • Coordinates the execution and evaluation of startup tests
  • Supports the necessary ESMs
  • Provides cyclic tests that ensure the correct operation of the AURIX™ CPU as well as the internal bus systems
  • Manages the watchdog system - including an external watchdog and power controller (eg. TLF35584/5)

SafeTpack Features

SafeTpack provides functional safety by managing the complex Logic Built-In Self-Tests (LBIST) and other safety features of AURIX™.

By retaining the existing PRO-SIL™ SafeTlib overall structure and API, migration of existing TC2xx safety applications to TC3xx is much easier. SafeTpack provides safety functions such as program flow monitoring or cyclic control of special function registers.

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SafeTpack Introduction

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