Software Test Tools

Welcome to Hitex, where quality and reliability are the cornerstones of our success. As software continues to permeate every aspect of every industry, our customers are faced with the critical task of delivering robust and flawless applications for their products. Software testing tools play a key role in thoroughly evaluating, validating, and ensuring the quality of software.

Our range of software testing tools is designed to streamline the testing process, increase efficiency and drive excellence in software development. With a deep understanding of the complexities involved in creating and maintaining quality software, our tools are meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of today's dynamic marketplace.

Enhance software quality

Dynamic module and unit testing with TESSY

Dynamic Unit and Module Testing

Achieve safe and reliable code with dynamic module and unit testing for embedded software. Such testing is required for certification to standards such as DO-178, IEC 61508, or ISO 26262.

Dynamic Unit and Module Testing
Static code analysis

Static code analysis

Static code analysis is the analysis of source code without executing the code to find potential bugs, vulnerabilities, and security threats. Static code analyzers look for patterns that may cause code quality problems or security vulnerabilities.

Static code analysis
Comply with safety standards


Today’s development teams are challenged by the need to conform to a variety of standards. The need to increase the functional security of applications has led to the definition of a number of standards.

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Hardware-in-the-loop testing of embedded system

Hardware in the Loop

Hardware-in-the-loop is a technique that is used for testing complex real-time embedded systems. Real-world testing of embedded control systems can be complex, expensive, and hazardous.

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