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Trainings at Hitex

With our comprehensive range of web trainings, you are able to build sound and practical knowledge so that you can use the knowledge and the appropriate tools in the best possible way.

Hitex offers a broad training spectrum and qualifies software developers, project managers, beginners and advanced users on software products, standards and technologies. Our training program imparts basic as well as expert knowledge.

Hitex training for practice

Training for practice

On request, we tailor the content to the individual requirements of your company: From individual coaching, to group training, to corporate seminars. Of course, you have the choice of location and format - in German and English. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.

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Card trainings

Functional Safety Training

Functional Safety I: Introduction

Compact introduction to functional safety of machines and equipment. The seminar presents the theoretical background and procedure regarding hardware and software design for safety-related embedded systems and uses examples to elucidate the principles.

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Functional Safety II

Functional Safety II: Development of Safety-related Software

Learn methods and procedures for developing safety-related software. Practical examples will underline the principles of standards such as IEC 61508-3 and show how to deal with the requirements of these.

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Keil MDK for Cortex-M Training

Keil MDK for Cortex-M

This training teaches the basics of Cortex-M0/ M0+/M3/M4/M7 and the new M23 and M33 in theory and practice and gives an introduction to this architecture. The focus of this tool training is the use of the Keil MDK Arm in your everyday work.

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RTOS for Middleware on Cortex-M Training

RTOS for Middleware on Cortex-M

Introduction to the lean Real Time Operating System (RTOS) RTX v5 on a Cortex-M microcontroller. Throughout the training we will use the CMSIS-RTOS 2 API, which is designed to be the standard software interface for RTOS on Cortex-M.

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TESSY training

Dynamic software tests

We teach you how to design and execute unit tests for test objects using the test tool TESSY. Learn the basic knowledge for handling components and integration test and you can apply this knowledge to your next project.

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Designing secure systems training

Designing secure systems

Introduction to developing secure microcontroller systems with the Mbed-TLS cryptographic library. You will learn how the functions of the Cortex-M processor can be used to implement a secure system. The seminar is designed as a hands-on course using MDK.

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