TRAVEO II Graphic Libraries

The TRAVEO II, with its automotive certification and robust graphics capabilities, has established itself as a key player in the automotive industry. Its applications span across various uses, from instrument clusters to body control modules and infotainment systems. Moreover, the TRAVEO II microcontroller is gaining traction in diverse sectors including two-wheelers and industrial vehicles, while also demonstrating potential in areas such as health care, industrial automation, and other scenarios that demand fast boot and real-time control. To make efficient use of the hardware graphic features a variety of software components is available.

TRAVEO II Graphic Ecosystem

TRAVEO II Graphics Driver

The TRAVEO II Graphics Driver offers interfaces for the graphics application, providing a range of features such as rendering of 2D raster and vector graphics, support for layers, TCON, and HUD warping, driving capabilities for up to two digital displays, support for video capture from a video source, tutorials to leverage 2D graphics capabilities, and a user guide describing the API. On some devices even the possibility to decode JPG directly is avaialalbe and supported.

TRAVEO II Graphics System Overview

TRAVEO II Safety Display Driver

The graphics subsystem supports a secondary stream (redundant HW) under control of the Safety Display Driver  (required for ASIL). If an error event is noticed in the primary stream (QM), the Safety Display Driver will safely display the content.




TRAVEO II Safety Display Driver

TRAVEO II Safety Signature Driver

The HW signature unit can calculate a CRC over a rectangle in the display area. If the CRC on the display does not match, an error event is generated.



TRAVEO II Graphic Signature

TRAVEO II Graphics Warping

Some graphics applications necessitate corrections when content is displayed on an uneven surface, leading to distortion. An example of this is the "Head-Up Display" projecting on a curved windshield, where warping the content corrects such distortion. In response to this need, we offer two products: a PC tool for correcting distortion called the T2G Tool Suite, and a run-time library for real-time position adjustments known as the Dynamic Warping Library.



TRAVEO II Graphics Warping