PSoC Automotive Software

Automotive quality software support for PSoC™

The software packages for PSoC™ devices are developed according to the Automotive software development process,  fulfilling ASPICE as well as  MISRA 2012 AMD1 and CERTC coding standards. The software is ISO 26262 compliant and developed as SEooC for applications with safety target up to ASIL B. The following packages are avialable  for peripherals, CAPSENSE™ and safety.

PSoC automotive software packages

Automotive peripheral driver library

PSoC Peripheral Driver Library (AutoPDL)

Comprehensive package of low-level drivers with optimized memory footprint comprising analog, digital and communication components as well as Flash EEPROM emulation middleware.

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PSoC middleware for CAPSENSE

PSoC middleware library CAPSENSE

Middleware to implement CAPSENSE functionality such as basic control, filter, data processing and sensing for interface widgets. Various parameters are configurable such as number of widgets, capacitance settings, noise threshold settings using a simple GUI based CAPSENSE configuration tool. Shorter time to market by reduced development time.

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PSoC Safety Library

PSoC Safety Library

Integrates critical safety tests which fulfill requirements from the hardware safety manual for achieving ASIL-B compliance. The safety library is ISO21434 compliant and enables safe operation of the chip during start-up and runtime.

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PSoC Automotive Software value proposition

Features / Value for Customer

  • Infineon has unique expertise on the PSoC concept and hardware structure. Nobody is better prepared to enable this hardware with optimized driver software.
  • Infineon software team has an excellent track record in Automotive Software development.
  • Infineon’s PSoC SW products are in house developments
  • Customers start with a qualified driver layer and focus on their application development
  • Customer’s “cost of ownership” is reduced because PSoC Automotive PDL replaces customer’s own development of ASIL compliant drivers 
  • Life Cycle Support: maintenance is offered, assuring that weaknesses in the software, whenever reported in the life cycle are being addressed


  • Software products have been developed according to ISO26262 (2018) as SEooC for applications with safety targets up to ASIL B

Coding Standards

  • MISRA 2012 AMD1, CERT C “Rules” (L1, L2, L3) are applied, Deviations/Warnings documented in a report