Rail Interface

Rail interface for Siemens

What is it about?

Hitex developed in collaboration with Pebble Bay a new Siemens Mobility Control Unit for the rail and utility industries.

The project was realized from Hitex Uk.

The new control unit for the rail and utility industries replaces an existing control unit that was becoming costly and hard to manufacture due to parts obsolescence. With enhanced networking capabilities and processing power, the new control unit is able to handle more demanding applications and will greatly extend the life of existing systems in the field.

I am very impressed with the level of success.

Colin Tiller, Siemens Mobility

“We initially made contact with Siemens to discuss off-the-shelf processor cards, but it quickly became apparent to both sides that a deeper investigation, covering multiple types of implementation, would be highly beneficial,” said Richard Gledhill, Hitex Design Manager. “Together with Pebble Bay, we investigated various options from a single PCB system through to off-the-shelf systems, with all architectures considered. We could then advise Siemens on the best way forward for them, allowing all parties to form a strong partnership and deep understanding for the project.”

Ian Willats, Managing Director of Pebble Bay, highlights the benefits of this groundwork: “The end results speak for themselves – everything was up and running on the first hardware revision within hours, with no major hardware changes required.”