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Thanks to its special feature set, AURIX™ is the perfect match for demanding control applications, e.g. powertrain applications including hybrid and electrical vehicles. Also for advanced safety-critical industrial and medical control applications, AURIX microcontrollers are a perfectly suited.

To best support software developers in making use of the AURIX features, Hitex supplies a variety of software development tools for AURIX and helps you to make the best choice.

AURIX™ Preferred Design House

Hitex SafeTpack for AURIX™ TC3xx

Hitex SafeTpack for AURIX™ TC3xx

The Hitex SafeTpack is a safety solution for the AURIX™ Infineon microcontroller family, second generation. It covers most safety use cases for applications according to ASIL A to ASIL D. As its name suggests, the AURIX TC3xx SafeTpack safety manager is equipped with everything you need for your application.

Meet the Hitex SafeTpack
HighTec Compiler

HighTec Development Plattform

The HighTec Compiler integrates wizards and caters to the latest derivatives, including the new TriCore multi-core architectures. It handles project settings, full build process, and hardware initialization settings. Key features include project management, and model-driven graphical memory layout configuration.

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