Energy Efficiency

Hitex contributes to a sustainable future by developing software solutions that prioritize energy efficiency and optimize power consumption. Energy efficiency has become an essential aspect of modern technology development, driven by the increasing demand for environmentally friendly and energy conscious solutions.

Energy efficiency

Sustainable future

By implementing power management techniques Hitex helps its customers to extend battery life, and to contribute to a sustainable future.

Energy efficiency refers to the ability of a system, device, or software application to achieve its intended functionality while minimizing energy consumption. In today's world, where embedded systems are prevalent in various sectors such as industrial automation, transportation, and healthcare, optimizing energy usage is critical to reducing carbon footprint and improving sustainability.

Welcome to the world of energy efficiency

By developing energy-efficient software, Hitex helps its customers make a significant impact in several ways.

  1. First, energy-efficient systems and devices contribute to lower energy consumption, resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions and a smaller environmental footprint.
  2. Second, energy-efficient software solutions can extend the battery life of mobile and battery-powered devices, improving their usability and user experience.
  3. Finally, energy efficiency can lead to cost savings for manufacturers and end users, making products more attractive in the marketplace.

Achieving energy efficiency in embedded software involves a holistic approach throughout the entire software development lifecycle. It begins with understanding the energy requirements and constraints of the target hardware and incorporating energy-conscious design principles during the software architecture and system design stages.

Collaboration with our hardware engineers is also crucial for achieving energy efficiency. Close cooperation between software and hardware teams enables the development of hardware features that are specifically designed to support energy-efficient software execution, such as low-power modes, energy-aware peripherals, and hardware accelerators.

What Hitex can do for you

In addition, real-time monitoring and profiling of energy consumption can provide valuable insights into system behavior. Fine-tuning power management features, such as battery management systems, can further optimize the performance.

Hitex engineering services cover the complete product development process in the embedded area. Benefit from our experience, regardless of whether you commission us with a sub-project or a complete project. Build on a team of qualified developers for high-quality development processes.


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Hitex engineers have deep expertise in developing safety-critical software solutions that comply with safety standards like ISO 26262 and IEC 61508.

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Motor control, battery management and energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Our software engineers specialize in optimizing embedded systems for energy efficiency across various applications.

Energy efficiency


Our software solutions enable enhanced performance, improve charging infrastructure, and intelligent energy management.

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safety standards such as ISO 26262


We help you to comply with safety standards such as ISO 26262 and safety requirements such as ISO 21434.

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