Middleware for embedded systems

Middleware for Embedded Systems

Hitex is an embedded software partner that helps your development team significantly increase productivity while reducing development time. Liability risks resulting from software errors are also minimized.

Hitex is more than a "box mover" or "reseller" - it is a consultant that uses only first-class components that set or meet international standards. As an independent expert in embedded technologies, we select products that provide you a solid foundation you can rely on – tools that are tried and tested in development departments around the world and are ideal for optimizing development processes.

    Our portfolio for the main aspects of embedded development

    RTOS software: managing real-time requirements the right way

    RTOS - managing real-time requirements the right way

    Hitex offers a portfolio of professional real-time operating systems (RTOS) for all embedded applications. We help you to find and implement the best solution for your application situation.

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    Embedded flash file systems: a broad portfolio

    File Systems

    File systems provide a structured method for organizing data, which enables operating systems to effectively manage the storage and retrieval of that data. This allows for more efficient and reliable handling of files by the system.

    More on embedded flash file systems
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    Flash Translation Layers: extending the lifecycle of your devices

    Flash Translation Layer

    Efficient NAND and NOR Flash usage in embedded systems relies on proper flash management. A reliable Flash translation layer offers high-performance interfacing to flash-based media.

    Flash translation layer solutions
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    Communicatoin stacks for embedded systems

    Communication Stacks

    In today's IoT-driven embedded systems, software stacks enable vital communication functionality. Our protocol stacks ensure exceptional performance across all buses, expediting your product development.

    Details on Communication Software
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    Why should I obtain embedded software through Hitex?

    Not only do we sell you the tools from a provider – we also have an independent, carefully selected portfolio for customers with high quality standards.

    Hitex offers added value whenever you're looking for just the right software solutions to match your development environment, giving you an edge over “cheap solutions.”

    We don't just sell you a piece of software, we also offer you competent, hands-on assistance in making decisions and then help you during the implementation process, together with consulting in the following areas:

    • The right choice for the entire development environment
    • Increase the productivity of your entire development team
    • Identify errors early on, save time and money
    • Shorten software release approval cycles
    • Quick, flexible expansion of functionality
    • Meet more requirements and stricter standards
    • Flawless code with no security vulnerabilities, including source code