Versatile in-circuit programmer for flash memory

The NETIMPRESS series is versatile in-circuit programmer which supports various kinds of flash programming protocols. It widely supports various flash microcomputer programming in all areas such as development, production, maintenance and support.


At development, production, and maintenance sites, there are procedures for partially modifying the flash of programmed ECU products according to the purpose and application (software revision, model, grade, destination). Since the beginning of sales of the NETIMPRESS series, it has been compatible with the function of reprogramming a specific area of flash memory via CAN communication of the in-vehicle network.
NETIMPRESS avant also inherits it.
It is NETIMPRESS avant to improve the reliability and versatility and to enhance the speed, safety measures, functions, and operability with a compact design.

The requirement for programming flash memory at the development and manufacturing site is that multiple files can be programmed multiple times under various conditions.In the production plant, a multi-functional PC is simply a device that selects files and downloads them to the programmer.If the purpose of the PC is to download object files to the flash programmer, NETIMPRESS avant alone can save multiple object files in the same way as a PC.
In "NETIMPRESS avant" stand-alone (offline) environments, select files according to the purpose of the site and use programming multiple times.
Below are some of the uses of development and manufacturing sites.


NETIMPRESS avant - Features

  • Stand-alone environment that meets development and manufacturing needs
  • The larger capacity SD card enables programming of multiple objects even in offline environments
  • Enhanced expandability even for handy type, accurate reliability and mproved affinity with manufacturing sites
  • Barcode reader connection is possible (product type selection), DIO-IF signal expansion(to execution control from PLC, patrol, etc.)
  • Improved noise immunity based on experience accumulated as equipment at manufacturing sites
  • Increased equipment utilization, programming of two flash memories on a single programmer
  • Equipped with a 2-channel probe cable connection interface as standard, one unit is sufficient for two programming executions of the main/sub MCU
  • Contributing to production efficiency through faster download speeds and shorten takt times
  • The processing performance of the main unit has been improved to support Gigabit Ethernet for the communication interface between hosts and to follow the maximum baud rate of 40 Mbps for communication with the target. Compared to conventional products(PC communication time reduced to 1/10 or less, programming time reduced by 30%)
  • Pursuit of generalization: Softwareization of unique communication structures (programming protocol specifications) and physical constraints (target connection wiring specifications)
  • Hardware of the main unit and probe is Commonized. Software license for specifications related to specific programming that depends on microcontrollers.
  • Supports a variety of target IFs:SPI/JTAG/QSPI(PHX400)・CAN/CAN FD(PHX410)
  • Probe License: Converts target-specific communication interface wiring to logic firmware.
    CAN/CAN FD reprogramming support is available in the original protocol (UCOP)
    We also accept the development of custom definitions that correspond to the protocol the customer is using
  • Enhanced Security:ncrypting Stored Files to Prevent Information Leaks
  • Object files are encrypted when saved in the main unit of the programmer. Decrypt it just before programming into target flash memory.


The NETIMPRESS acorde is a multi-flash programmer that can flexibly handle manufacturing from high-mix low-volume production to low-mix high-volume production.The product configuration is a programmer system equipped with communication and power supply to the base unit (AFX200) and capable of adding up to 9 units of programmer unit (AFX210) and Digital I/O unit (AFX220).
In the production of multiple on-chip flash MCUs mounted on a multi-piece PCB assembly, it is possible to perform batch programming of the same object file, or batch programming of different MCU types with different object files. A maintenance unit (AFX230) is available as an offline setting tool for speeding up the setup change when the production lot is changed and the start-up confirmation of the production line.


NETIMPRESS acorde - Features

  • As a programmer unit, the programmer product functions (avant products) are integrated into one unit card.
  • Equipped with an independent execution environment for each programmer unit (saved in SD card):
    Program execution can be performed by a single unit or by linking with other units
  • Fast environment switching for the next production lot in just 1 second
    Change to the programming environment of the next lot by switching folders in SD card
  • Capable of expanding up to 9 units according to the field needs of the production line
  • Significantly faster communication speed (compared to previous models)
    (Reduces transmission time between host PC and equipment to less than 1/10 and programming time by 30%)
  • Enhanced affinity of production equipment
    A Digital I/O unit is available for cooperation with production line equipment and PCB inspection fixtures
  • A unit for equipment maintenance is prepared as a separate product
    For periodic inspection and maintenance of equipment for adjustment of expansion, special installation, and temporary installation of on-site equipment