Hitex ShieldBuddy TC375

ShieldBuddy TC375

The ShieldBuddy TC375 is currently the smallest AURIX™ development board in the world. The ShieldBuddy TC375 is equipped with the 32-bit multi-core processor TC375 from Infineon and complies with the Arduino™ standard. Thus the ShieldBuddy TC375 is suitable for highest safety standards and requirements.

In addition to the built-in CAN transceiver and a USB debug interface, the integrated TLF35584 power supply with safety monitor extends the capabilities of the ShieldBuddy TC375.

In addition, evaluation licenses for numerous development tools are available, making the ShieldBuddy TC375 ideal for entry level real-time embedded industrial or automotive applications. This enables the efficient evaluation and testing of safety concepts.

"With the further development of the ShieldBuddy TC275 to the ShieldBuddy TC375 we have taken our development board to the next level. Due to its excellent safety capabilities, our ShieldBuddy TC375 is not only suitable for complex and safety-relevant projects in industry, but also in medical technology", says Jörg Stender, Managing Director of Hitex GmbH.

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