New features in TESSY V4.3


The most important new feature of version 4.3 is the automated mutation test. Mutation testing is the repeated execution of already passed test cases for a test object, but with mutated (changed) code. If at least one of these tests fails, it has revealed a mutation. Whether test cases detect a mutation or not provides information about the quality of the test cases.

Another new functionality of TESSY V4.3 is a test execution mode, which ensures that test results were generated by the test object and not by chance. For this purpose, the result variables are initialized with various patterns before the test.

There is also a new mode that executes the tests without instrumentation. TESSY carries out instrumentation, for example, for the purpose of coverage measurement in the source code of the test object. The new test mode ensures that the instrumentation is not responsible for a passed test case.

TESSY is manufactured by Razorcat and distributed by Hitex. Further information and an evaluation version of TESSY are available at