SafeTpack: An AURIX safety solution


The SafeTpack is a comprehensive safety manager for the second generation of the AURIX™ microcontroller family. Hitex provides with the SafeTpack a universal solution for many applications to implement safety requirements in AURIX™ systems quickly and safely.

Several well-known Tier 1 customers from Europe, USA and Asia have already used the SafeTpack and integrated it into their AURIX™ applications. Now Hitex has convinced another renowned German automotive supplier of a company license (buyout) of the SafeTpack.

The framework agreement between the customer and Hitex was concluded within a few weeks. This means that the customer can use the SafeTpack for all products in which AURIX™ derivatives are used. A long-term support package is also included.

According to the customer, the modular design of the Hitex SafeTpack was the decisive factor for the choice. Other decisive points were the tailor-made solutions for a wide range of applications, which allow ASIL targets to be achieved quickly and easily.

Internationally, the Hitex SafeTpack is also distributed by regional Hitex partners. Support is provided by the partners on site at the customer's premises. Especially the strongly growing Asian market is broadly covered by this structure. "With our ear to the local and international markets, we have the possibility to continuously develop the SafeTpack further and thus react to customer requirements. SafeTpack, which has already won the embedded award, is a strategic safety product for our customers and has a correspondingly high priority in our development and corporate strategy," says Jörg Stender, Managing Director of Hitex GmbH.

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