TESSY licenses for CI

TESSY licenses for Continuous Integration

TESSY, the tool for automated unit/module/integration testing of embedded software, now offers special licenses for use without a graphical user interface.  

Especially for Continuous Integration (CI), TESSY is used without a user interface. These CI licenses are global, permanent and floating. These licenses are heavily discounted.

Prerequisite for the use of a CI license is a floating license server (FLS) for TESSY from version V8.2.6, which has at least one conventional floating license for TESSY under maintenance. This license and the CI license must be valid for the same version of TESSY. For TESSY versions V4.1.34, V4.2.20, V4.3.13 and higher, a CI license is sufficient if TESSY is started without a graphical user interface.

These CI licenses address the problem that test runs initiated on a CI server (e.g. Jenkins) do not fail because all available licenses are occupied by users. Since users usually use TESSY with a graphical user interface, CI licenses remain unused by them and are available for the CI test runs.

TESSY is manufactured by Razorcat and distributed by Hitex. More information and an evaluation version of TESSY are available here.