TESSY V4.2 with new tests


These are called tasks and are intended to cover exams that do not fall into the categories "module/unit test" or "integration test" - these two categories are covered by TESSY by default.                      

The tasks are divided into tests and reviews. A typical review is, for example, checking whether the assignment of requirements to test cases is correct. These assignments are made manually during the development process. If an error occurs during manual assignment, a requirement could be assigned to test cases which do not check it. It is extremely important to assign the correct test cases to requirements, not only for safety-critical applications.

By managing these tasks as special tests in TESSY, they appear in the test report. In total, there are three statuses: open, passed or failed. This ensures that none of these tasks is forgotten. You can specify actions for an item, for example a description of how to proceed. More detailed descriptions, such as rule sets or results from test reports, can be attached to a task as a file.

A requirement can also be assigned to a task and not only to test cases as before. For example, a requirement that can only be tested in the system test but not in the module/unit test or integration test could be assigned to a test item.

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