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Hitex launches new web site

Hitex, a leading company in the development of high-quality embedded software solutions and services, announces the successful relaunch of its redesigned website. The relaunch marks an important step in the company's direction and supports the clear positioning on Hitex's focus topics: functional safety, embedded security and microprocessors as well as the reduction of energy consumption. Roland Bickel, Head of Marketing at Hitex GmbH, explains: "With almost 50 years of experience and thousands of successful projects in the embedded world, Hitex has a broad portfolio of tools and knowledge that we continue to make available to our customers. However, I am pleased that the new website helps to further strengthen Hitex's focus on the central topics of functional safety and security, microcontroller technology and energy efficiency."

The redesigned website presents Hitex's broad expertise in the development of embedded systems for a wide range of industries and highlights the company as an attractive employer. In particular, the main products AURIX, TRAVEO, ARM Cortex, PSoC as well as the associated tools, software components and services for development and testing are emphasized.
Special attention is paid to the expansion of the services area. The increasing demand for engineering consulting, project support in testing and production with ODM as well as packaging and logistics is leading to a targeted expansion of the range of services. "We are responding to this trend by expanding the services part. However, we also believe in empowering the customer and continue to offer training courses on safety and testing," continues Bickel.

Hitex is committed to the highest standards of safety, reliability and performance in the development of embedded systems, driving advances in functional safety, embedded security and energy efficiency. Roland Bickel emphasizes: "What applies to customers also applies to Hitex itself." In terms of energy efficiency, the reduction of energy consumption was integrated into the goals of the website relaunch as a key to improving web sustainability." In terms of sustainability and environmental compatibility, Hitex opted for hosting with Mittwald, whose 100% CO2-neutral hosting has been independently confirmed. In addition to technical and programming issues, the user experience and content were also considered in terms of energy consumption and the use of text, images and video was optimized. The success of the efforts was verified using the Website Carbon Calculator, which is based on the open source method for digital sustainability from Sustainable Web Design.
Hitex is proud to have achieved a "A" rating, making it cleaner than 86% of all websites worldwide.

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