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AURIX™ Preferred Design House

Please find below interesting contents, scroll down for webinar videos & documents about how Hitex supports your AURIX development. Some contents are in German language, and some require a registration before you receive the download link.

AURIX Documents

  • AURIX ServicesHitex is AURIX Preferred Design House: Overview on Hitex AURIX services for automotive and industrial
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    AURIX GuideHitex Software Solutions for AURIX - a detailed description of the available drivers
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    AURIX SafeTpack product briefPRO-SILTM complete safety manager for AURIX 2nd generation
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    AURIX white paper: complying with ISO 13849A white paper where you can learn how the powerful safety features of the AURIX microcontroller family are implemented in a reference design and how to comply with ISO 13849

Hitex SafeTpack for AURIX™

Video introduction: Hitex SafeTpack for AURIX with Michael Weiss (in German language)

AURIX™ webinar recordings

Hitex-Webinar: AURIX SafeTpack Safety Manager (Deutsch)

Hitex-Webinar: AURIX SafeTpack Safety Manager (English)

Hitex-Webinar: AURIX Partner für erfolgreiche Projekte

Hitex-Webinar: Compiler qualification according to ISO 26262

Hitex-Webinar: Automated approach to achieve the ISO 26262 freedom from interference concept

Hitex-Webinar: Software optimization with the Tasking Embedded Profiler

Hitex ShieldBuddy TC275

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    AURIX ShieldBuddy Whitepaper Introduction and overview: AURIX multicore programming with the ShieldBuddy TC275 from Hitex
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    AURIX Getting Started GuideDocuments and useful links for the ShieldBuddy TC275: Getting started guide, user manual, free toolchain for the AURIX family and ShieldBuddy forum

Hitex Trace and Breakout Adapter for AURIX

Tasking tools for AURIX

  • Compiler qualification kitThe TASKING Compiler Qualification Kit provides development organizations with the required evidence to demonstrate compliance with ISO 26262 and similar safety standards. It covers the software tool qualification process and demonstrates that TASKING toolsets are capable of developing safety critical software up to the highest safety integrity levels (ASIL-D for automotive) when used as described in the safety manual.
  • Embedded profilerTraditionally, profiling is associated with measuring execution times of functions. Knowing that a function takes a specific amount of clock cycles or milliseconds to execute is in itself not very helpful to identify if the function can be improved at all and which code or setting needs to be modified in what specific way to actually make the function run much faster on your specific target device.
  • Performance libraries for AURIXThe TASKING® LAPACK Performance Libraries provides the Linear Algebra PACKage (LAPACK) and the Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines (BLAS) in the form of a highly-optimized and highly-tested ISO-C99 compliant source code library.
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