Building a safe and secure embedded world

Functional safety - it doesn‘t work without it!

IEC/DIN EN 61508, ISO 26262, ISO 13849 - these standards have one thing in common: they protect consumers from hazards. The technical term for this is "functional safety", "FuSa"  or "Safety" for short. But how do you prove this "harmlessness"? In the form of certifications. And there are several of these EU directives and legal requirements.

For example, the mentioned ISO 26262, which is used in the automotive sector. It is clear that in order for a product to be allowed to be sold/marketed in the first place, the manufacturer must first prove that there is no health risk to the consumer at any time. This proof is provided by applying the relevant standards, which, for example, prescribe a certain procedure during the development process.

Safety services and training

You want to tackle the topic of safety, but don't know how or have a specific problem you are facing in your safety project? We are happy to help you.

Our proven safety training courses give you a first insight into the topic.

Safety software tools

There is no progress without the right tools - professional tools are essential in your safety project! Tools such as TESSY and Classification Tree Editor (CTE) put your project on the road to success.

Hitex also offers different tests (like Static Code Analysis, Code and Hardware Review, Integration Testing and much more) for your software as a customized service. You can find more information here.

Safety components

From safety libraries to a pre-certified real-time operating system - we have all the modules you need to quickly implement your safety-critical system.

Starter Kits for your safety entry level

Every beginning is difficult. Therefore, for your AURIX or TRAVEO project, you should choose one of our popular Hitex Starter Kits for your quick, hands-on introduction to the use of safety controllers.

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