Building a safe and secure embedded world

Functional safety - it doesn‘t work without it!

EU directives and legal requirements regarding the functional safety of products are reflected in a large number of standards. The basic standard IEC/DIN EN 61508 and the standards derived from this standard, such as ISO 26262, which is used in the automotive industry, are of particular importance here. To allow manufacturers to place products on the market, they must prove that there is no risk to the consumer‘s health at any time. This can often only be proven by applying the relevant standards.

Safety consulting/training and services

You want to tackle the topic of safety but don‘t know how or have a concrete problem you are facing in your safety project? We will be happy to help you.

Safety software tools

Without the right tools, not only some household repairs are difficult - you should not forego professional tool support in your safety project!  Tools such as TESSY and CTE put your project on the road to success.

And by the way: Hitex also offers you unit tests of your software as a tailor-made service. You can find more information here.

Safety components

From safety libraries to a pre-certified real-time operating system - we have all the modules you need to quickly implement your safety-critical system.

Starter Kits for your safety entry level

Every beginning is difficult. Therefore, use one of the popular Hitex Starter Kits for a quick, practical introduction to the topic of safety and the work with safety controllers.

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