Building a safe and secure embedded world

Ensuring stability and averting dangers

Not only Iot (Internet of Things) and Industry 4.0 have immensely increased the number of devices connected to the Internet. Even previously isolated embedded systems are now networked and exchange data with each other.

Such systems must be protected against unauthorized access. A fundamental prerequisite for digital networking is security concepts that can control interaction and prevent unauthorized access or targeted manipulation. After all, the networked world will not function without security mechanisms, as even a small security gap can undermine entire systems.

To reduce risks, special encryption technologies come into consideration. Hitex offers options for more protection with Cypherbridge Security solutions and communication protocols such as TCP/IP. However, in order to be able to successfully fend off attacks, security must be embedded in the development process at an early stage. After all, networked systems cannot be adequately protected by security software alone.

A secure embedded design starts with the selection of the microcontroller. Many of today's microcontrollers are already equipped with various security features, e.g. partitioning solutions, cryptographic algorithms, integrated firewall, etc. However, the security features must also be reflected in the software and in corresponding hardware functions.

Infineon's AURIX™ family, for example, is ideally suited for safety-critical automotive applications and comes with many integrated security mechanisms. Infineon's TRAVEO II microcontroller family is based on Cortex-M4/M7 cores and offers high performance, improved human-machine interfaces, high security and advanced networking protocols. This microcontroller family is also tailored to a wide range of automotive applications and brings integrated security devices.

Hitex is your security partner who can investigate vulnerabilities and recommend application-specific measures and help with integration, data protection and scalability. This way, your idea quickly becomes a secure product.

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