Building a safe and secure embedded world

Ensuring stability and averting dangers

The number of devices connected to the Internet is growing day by day. While the networked world offers significant opportunities, the systems are also becoming more vulnerable, creating targets for cyber-attacks. With this in mind, topics such as security and privacy are coming more and more into focus.

Embedded systems that had previously been isolated are now being connected to the network and are exchanging data with one another, meaning that these systems now have to be protected against unauthorized access. A basic prerequisite in digital networking is security concepts to monitor interaction and prevent unauthorized access or targeted fraud. The networked world would not function without security mechanisms, as even a small vulnerability gap could overturn entire systems.

To reduce risks, special encryption technologies are taken into consideration. Hitex offers Cypherbridge Security Solutions and communication protocols such as TCP/IP. However, in order to be able to fend off especially sophisticated hacker attacks, security must be embedded at an early stage in the development process. Networked systems cannot be sufficiently protected by means of security software alone.

A secure embedded design starts with the selection of a microcontroller, as these are often equipped with different security features according to usage type, e.g. with partitioning solutions, cryptographic algorithms, integrated firewalls, etc. The security features, however, must also be reflected in the software and in the relevant hardware functions.

Hitex is the security partner that examines vulnerabilities and can recommend application-specific measures, providing assistance in integration, data protection, and scalability. This allows your idea to quickly grow into a secure product.

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