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Embedded system design requirements? We engineer!

Embedded engineering services from concept through to final implementation

Embedded systems engineering services

The requirements for embedded systems have increased dramatically in recent years. Product functions are increasingly shifting towards electronics, and more and more products are being integrated into centralized control systems or networks. Embedded systems therefore present development engineers and departments with new challenges, especially in terms of functional safety, protection against external threats (security) and other issues such as real-time functionality, connectivity, and energy efficiency.

Comprehensive development expertise for embedded systems

The experts here at Hitex have specialized in embedded systems since 1976, with over 40 years of experience in development and the production of embedded systems. Hitex itself has been a manufacturer of embedded solutions since the 1980s. Over the course of its history, the company has amassed a wealth of expertise in the field of microcontrollers along the entire process chain, from the idea to prototype fabrication and even production.

Today, Hitex covers the entire product development process in the embedded segment. You reap the benefits, whether you hire us to manage part – or all – of a project. Rely on a team of qualified developers for high-quality development processes, including ones that are IEC 61508 and ISO 26262-compliant. For more on this topic, have a look at our success stories and references in a variety of industries:

We have an engineering solution for every trend in the embedded segment

Functional safety: Malfunctions, errors or EMC problems have absolutely no place in modern embedded systems. Hitex helps you ensure reliable and secure operations for your application. More about functional safety

Internet of Things (IoT)/connectivity: An increasing number of embedded systems must be WLAN-compatible or connected via an industrial Ethernet. Install updates via the Web or USB? Hitex shows you how. More about the Internet of Things

Security: As soon as embedded systems are networked, hackers can theoretically break into the network (“security”) and threaten the security of the systems. Talk to us about how you can safeguard your embedded systems against intrusion. More on security

Integrate more functions: Embedded systems need to become more and more intelligent and combine more and more features. Hitex has the expertise to make your systems more intelligent. MORE ›

Special hardware requirements: An electric drive for a cooler in your car? Here you need the right microcontroller and hardware to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as dust, extreme temperatures, vibrations, etc., that are common in automobiles. MORE ›

Energy efficiency: Energy-sucking systems are one particular area that embedded solutions do away with – especially when it comes to mobile devices or battery systems. We can show you how to correctly use energy saving modes on microcontrollers, test these and more. MORE ›

Real-time functionality: Security-related systems must be able to respond in real-time (e.g. motorized control), and communications modules must be available in real-time (e.g. airbags). We show you how to prepare embedded technologies for real-time applications.

The embedded engineering service provider for your development process

All things microcontroller-related – true to this motto, as a development partner Hitex offers development services including:

  • Comprehensive safety engineering for functional safety and security
  • Systems engineering from the concept down to the printed board, including system kit design
  • Requirements engineering to meet your exact needs
  • Software engineering from low-level drivers to the GUI
  • Hardware engineering from design-to-cost to the mechanical design of the product housing
  • Technical documentation
  • Prototype construction, series production, packaging design, distribution

We also offer consulting and advice for your development process, including training courses, tools and software. Simply select the best module from our extensive portfolio.

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