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Production solutions from prototype to series

Production services for embedded systems – reducing time-to-market and costs

Hitex is the embedded systems specialist that offers the full spectrum of microcontroller services ranging from consulting to production services. Since the 1980s, Hitex itself has been a manufacturer of custom systems and emulators. Since then, the production of embedded systems and close proximity to semiconductor manufacturers has been a fixture of the company's portfolio. Hitex gives you the freedom to combine production services with engineering, consulting and testing services however you please.

Benefit from our production services on many levels

Hitex is a one-stop shop solution that's perfectly in step with everything going on in the field of microcontrollers and semiconductors. As a manufacturer, you benefit from our expertise, for example, by interweaving the production planning with the development processes, or by generating quick-turn prototypes (new product introduction). Lower your time-to-market and production costs through innovative ODM concepts or simply outsource them instead (electronic manufacturing services) – no matter whether you're dealing with embedded components, sub-systems or complete systems.

Demand creation and new product launches

Hitex helps semiconductor and component manufacturers succeed in launching new products. As microcontroller experts, we offer you a complete range of exceptional services for demand creation and new product launches. Our core competence is developing evaluation boards and test kits that Hitex then produces for your customer groups. We also develop and produce components which have integrated microcontrollers and we therefore support smart programming. We also develop attractive demo kits with equally attractive packaging. On request, we can handle distribution as well. Our expertise:

  • Plug & play demo packages
  • Design of evaluation tools and low-cost kits
  • Application kits for targeted marketing of special features

Prime example: The USB development kit for the STM32 in attractive blister packaging and the winner of the Embedded Award.

Download our new brochure about how Hitex supports your demand creation and new product launches.

NPI services: starting product production faster and more efficiently

Hitex New Product Introduction (NPI) services get your products to market more quickly and at a lower cost. The core of our NPI processes is prototype development during the early phases. The goal is to assess all production options and determine the most promising path to market entry and the most efficient series production process – just-in-time, within budget, and in compliance with all quality standards. Hitex NPI makes it possible to plan design-to-cost strategies, speed up development processes and reduce assembly costs and test times.

ODM services: lower production costs through well-targeted outsourcing

Hitex Original Design Manufacturing Services (ODM) offers you the option to purchase manufacturing and development services for all aspects of embedded systems, including the design of boards, components or  component housing. Take advantage of our experience in procuring components. Hitex manufactures and tests your product to the highest standard and in line with your requests and requirements. Hitex also enables you to benefit from the extensive expertise and intense synergies between planning, construction, development and production.

EMS services: benefits across the board

Hitex Electronics Manufacturing (EMS) services offer you the full range of options, including SMT production, electronics assembly, through-hole technology assembly or aspects such as lead-free soldering and traceability. They are characterized by a high level of flexibility that enables shorter times-to-market. As a microcontroller expert and former emulator manufacturer, we are well-acquainted with semiconductor companies. This puts us in a position to obtain the most state-of-the-art processors for your application – something that's not always a given. After all, it's not for nothing that Hitex produces evaluation boards for new processors.

Always ensuring products are traceable beyond the production process helps you fulfill legal requirements while delivering fast and precise cause and impact analyses. This saves time and money. The automatic in-process tracking of serial numbers, components and batches ensures a seamless record.

And the best part? Hitex's expertise is far from limited to just production.

Packaging services: because what's on the inside isn't all that matters

Packaging is protective, informative and promotes the product. Whether you need simple machine-gray cardboard or elaborate folding boxes or a plastic case, Hitex advises and helps you select the right packaging. We're happy to handle the finishing of samples in small- or medium-sized series.

Logistics services: the delivery chain has to be right

Packaging, storage and shipment – bringing the finished product to market. It can be complex but we can help there too. We have the necessary structures and storage space and can deliver anywhere in the world, while at the same time meeting the complex export requirements.

Web shop distribution

Have you ever thought about setting up a B2B web shop? Stay open 24/7 so your customers can shop whenever they want. Hitex can handle your international product launch with a web shop. We'll be happy to assist you and show you some successful projects.

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