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Testing for embedded systems?

Hitex is the perfect test partner!

Hitex Test Services

Tests for embedded systems? Hitex supports you!

The test requirements for embedded systems are continuously increasing. We are all familiar with the fact that more and more functions are being controlled electronically, for example by the instrument cluster in the car.

Safety plays a decisive role not only in the car. It is also important in any other controlled application, for example in the home. A sauna, for example, must be able to detect whether the oven is covered by a towel or not. The software for window blinds must also be tested if the motor is controlled via microcontroller.

Absolutely every system must be tested to ensure the safety of the user (Safety), but also the security of the product.

Hitex is happy to support you in running these tests of embedded software!

No time for testing? You need a partner!

Tests are complex, cost time and often also a lot of nerves. Especially since standardized processes are prescribed for many certifications.


What testing services does Hitex offer?


Often, these test requirements, specifications and prerequisites are a forest of obstacles. Especially when working with safety functions for the first time.

The Hitex experts perform the desired tests quickly and professionally.

Would you like to expand your knowledge and perform these tests yourself in the future? No problem, we will be happy to train you so that you can continue to perform them yourself in the future.

Tests are becoming increasingly complex - reach your goal faster and more professionally with Hitex know-how!

Testing embedded systems always requires a strategic and conceptual approach. Our test engineers live out these methods every day and have successfully implemented them in dozens of projects, both for large corporations and medium-sized businesses.

Hitex has a large test department with flexible capacities. This allows us to implement large projects as well as short-term support according to demand.


Advantages of Hitex test services:

  • You only book the test services you need (no need to purchase test tools)
  • Hitex always tests with the latest technology
  • Always 4-eyes principle: tester and reviewer
  • Hitex trains you, for your own test know-how
  • You shorten time-to-market and development times
  • Perfect test documentation (can be used for regression tests)
  • Take over of all test databases

What Hitex can do for you

Static Code Analysis

The source code is analyzed without being executed. This allows potential bugs, vulnerabilities and risks to be uncovered.

Module/Unit Test

The source code is executed. Dynamic tests are used to prove the correctness of the implemented functionality.

System Test

In the system test, the fully integrated system is tested. For this purpose, all components that have passed the integration test are tested together.

Code Review

During a manual analysis of your code, every line of your code is analyzed by at least two experienced Hitex test engineers.

Integration Test

For integration testing, several software functions are combined in one or more modules and tested together.

Hardware Review

Testing of externally produced hardware. Does the hardware layout fit the requirements?


Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) is a technique used to test complex embedded real-time systems. In this process, parts of the environment, such as sensors and actuators, are emulated.

What else does Hitex offer?

The perfect complement: Hitex not only offers test services, but also provides services around the engineering process. Hitex has a vast experience around the microcontrollers from Infineon and the architectures from Arm and many more!

You can also buy tools for your tests directly from us:

With Hitex at your side, you won't lose valuable development resources.

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