Building a safe and secure embedded world

Static and manual code analysis

Meeting the coding guidelines

Code Review

If a customer has coding rules they have to show that these rules are followed. We use the Klocwork tool for static code analysis as well as manual analysis to demonstrate that the coding rules are followed and ensure that the quality of code is as high as possible.

Sometimes a second person has to review the code manually to see what the developer intended and that this is implemented. In a walk through, the developer discusses each line of code for the intent and results with a team and identifies improvements and risks. This is the highest level of code review and is both important for quality and demanded for safety applications.

In the safety process a company has to define its own coding guidelines and for the process to be certified it has to be proved that the guidelines are fulfilled. This can be done manually or with the static analysis tools such as Klocwork. This static code analysis is normally mandatory for safety projects, for example with MISRA coding guidelines. These are very basic and a lot of compilers can do it, but through code reviews Hitex engineers can find risky parts of the code that can be improved by the developer along with other opportunities to evaluate the code.

Code reviews can be carried out on both Hitex developments and on customer projects, and Hitex can also review code from outsourced projects to ensure it meets the coding rules and specifications without taking up valuable engineering resources.

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