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Integration testing under control

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Integration Test

For integration testing, several software functions are combined into a module, or several modules, and tested together.

We test the interfaces between the functions and modules and the time dependence between the different functions to ensure that they meet the specification determines by the Classification Tree Method (CTM)  

After the unit test, the code has to be integrated with the hardware. The first step of module integration can be done with the TESSY software test tool, using hardware supplied by the customer, and the tests can be simulated on the PC or executed on the target hardware.

This is significantly more complex than the unit test, so a good specification for the integration testing is essential, and Hitex can help to refine this specification to simplify the testing stage.

We then deliver the test specification and the test reports, the test set up and the database so that the customer can execute the tests again, for example for regression testing. If the customer is developing a safety certified applications, this test data can be delivered according to the safety specification with the relevant review documents, saving a considerable amount of time in a project.

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