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Testing a complete system

In close cooperation with the customer

System Test

Testing a complete system is very different from unit and integration test. It starts with the V model that defines the system requirements, and this needs an effective system test capability that includes both the system and the environment around it. If the system has interfaces to the outside world, communications links or human control, these interfaces have to be tested.

Some of the interface testing can be done completely at Hitex but when they are more complex such as a CAN network in an automotive design then we need the environment from the customer to perform the system test. Normally the customer has the system environment and delivers it to us, so we cooperate closely with the customer because they know both the system and the environment well.

Hitex in cooperation with Protos has created an affordable system for automated tests. For system tests miniHIL can be optimally used. Hitex designed here to adapt to the customer environment test adapter and special SW test routines. [Continue reading …]

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