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Testing a complete system

In close cooperation with the customer

System Test

Testing a complete system is very time-consuming and complex. A system test checks the fully integrated system to verify that all requirements have been met. For this purpose, all components that have passed the integration test are tested.

The first step is the V-model, which defines the individual steps for the test.

First, the system requirements must be defined. This also includes efficient testability, which includes both the system and its environment. If interfaces with the outside world are then added, or other communication links, these must of course also be tested. Hitex is happy to help you with this!

For the very complex interface tests, for example in CAN network, we need the appropriate environment from the customer to be able to perform the system test.

Hitex has developed a cost-effective system for automated testing in cooperation with Protos. miniHIL can be optimally used for system tests. Hitex is happy to design test adapters and special software test routines for adaptation to the customer's environment.

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